About us

Martha loves children, cooking and baking, gardening, interior decorationg and crafts. She has seven grown children and nine grandchildren.

We are a family oriented business. Our Bed & Breakfast is very clean, cozy and tastfully decorated, with something always cooking - filling the house with delightful aromas. We've never had anyone leave here hungry or unhappy! Our staff will keep your beds made, tummies full and bathrooms clean. Our job is to try and make your stay here as comfortable and accommodating as we can.

Our Location

Inn the Boondocks sits back in the woods on the Tug Hill Plateau in the Town of Montague. We’re located right on the ATV/snowmobile trails in Lewis County. Deer River wraps right around our house. You can drive through the scenic roads by the windmills that crest the hills of Lewis County.

About the Tug Hill Region

Winter landscapeSkiingATVLewis County Trails The Tug Hill Plateau is a highland region in northern New York. Famous for its heavy winter snow, the Tug Hill Region receives an average of over 300 inches of snow per winter. It is located west of the Adirondack Mountains and is separated from the Adirondacks by the Black River Valley. The Tug Hill region encompasses 150,000 acres of unbroken, generally second-growth, northern hardwood forest, and is drained by a vast network of streams.

Undeveloped reaches of the plateau are a haven for wildlife, including: deer, rabbits, beavers, turkeys, fishers, bobcats, coyote, and the occasional black bear. Salmon, trout, bass, walleye, and waterfowl can be found in Tug Hill’s abundant waterways. The Tug Hill region boasts numerous attractions and recreational opportunities nestled in its many small villages and hamlets. You will find antique shops, flea markets, handmade furniture, gifts and crafts, fishing and hunting guide services, miles of snowmobile and ATV trails, restaurants, lodging, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, boating, canoeing, both down hill and cross-country skiing, pure maple syrup products, numerous roadside produce stands and much more.

The Tug Hill region is renowned for its excessive snowfall. The location of the region in relation to Lake Ontario often creates ideal conditions for lake effect snow. The Tug Hill hamlet of Montague owns the single day New York State record of snowfall with 10 feet 7 inches. Tug Hill is the ideal region for outdoor enthusiasts in any season.